Healing & Transforming Struggle into Ease:

From Conception to Afterlife

shellsIf you found yourself here, you might yearn for a deeper happiness or know somewhere inside that life is meant to be different.

Perhaps you desire a happier life, a deeper spiritual connection, or even wish to consciously conceive a baby. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Who Am I?” Or, are you searching for love, or longing to connect with a deceased loved one?

If you are not feeling at peace, living with ease and in bliss, with abundance flowing effortlessly, it is possible and I can help you find your way there.

If you are like many others, things may get in the way that keep you from living your true potential. If you’ve been feeling stuck or unhappy, you may have blocks in your energy field that need to be released so you can move forward with greater ease.

Do you feel stressed out or have chronic issues? 

  • Life isn’t how you imagined
  • Anxiety about your life direction
  • Failed relationships, or ones that have you doubting
  • Physical pain or health issues
  • Emotional pain- guilt, anger, resentment, fear, regret, shame

Do you have concerns about conception & motherhood?

  • Difficulty conceiving a child
  • Never wanted children but are now feeling uncertain
  • Wonder how does my baby fit into my life? Or, will I be a good mother?
  • Pregnant and wish to bond more deeply with your unborn child

Do you have grief or wonder about afterlife?

  • Difficulty moving on after loss
  • Desire to communicate with a deceased loved one
  • Questions about death or fears of death




Let go of limiting beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that keep you stuck and unfulfilled. Embrace change and the happiness you desire, while shedding old ways of thinking and being.


Mend your heart, heal your pain and end your stress through personal growth and transformation.

Consciously conceive a child; find peace within the process and understand that new experiences await. Experience conception, pregnancy, and birth as a spiritual process.

Enjoy life after loss and establish relationships with deceased loved ones.

It is your birthright to be soulfully happy, and I am excited as you take these steps towards fulfilling your best and truest soulful self. Have the freedom to live with flow and abundance where love and happiness are part of your daily life.

If you’ve found your way here, your soul is calling.  Contact me to book a session.



Christen Daniel, MA
Counseling Psychology
Transpersonal Studies

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What People Say

“I’m grateful to have met Christen and get to know her. She has helped me gain clarity on many areas in my life.

Christen is an incredible person full of knowldege, intution, healing gifts, and a beautiful loving heart.”

—Marta, California

"What Christen offers is unique, special, and such a gift to the field of health and healing."

—Sarah, San Francisco, CA

"Christen is truly amazing and the effects of her sessions stay with me and continue to shift gently areas in my life I am working to heal."

—S.B., North Carolina

"Working with Christen helped me connect to my soul and my life path in a very direct way. Christen brought genuine caring and compassion, crystal-clear intuition, and a strong spiritual connection to every session. Over several sessions I gained a new perspective on some CORE issues and I TRULY healed on a deep level.

I was able to change behaviors in my life that weren't good for me, and it seemed to happen quickly and naturally. I recommend her to anyone looking to take their lives to the next level."

—S.L, Canada